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Chanhassen seniors, student managers and coaches wear New York Mets hats in honor of Mike Manno, father of senior Taylor Manno, who died suddenly before the start of the season. Karin Ellefson (102 games): 47 hits (.276 batting average), 12 doubles, 44 runs, 26 RBIs.

By season's end, they will hold program records in most offensive categories such as home runs and RBIs (Jessica Bren), most hits and runs scored (O'Keeffe), most innings pitched, strikeouts and wins (Taylor Manno), and diving catches in the outfield (Julia Bock) -- if that stat was kept."Practicing with them, knowing what they can do, I feel once us seniors graduate our team is going to be in good hands. Through May 15, 2017Kali O'Keeffe (107 games): 149 hits (.459 batting average), 18 HRs, 28 doubles, 123 runs, 104 RBIs.

I'll be contacting the volunteers shortly with some instructions.

We'll kick off the discussions this afternoon in each working group. If you have any interest in either participating in or listening to the discussion of a list this is your last call to subscribe and be involved!

of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) on July 15, 2016. Chang’s Home Menu Mongolian Style Beef” with “Use By” date of 6/17/17 and case code 5006617400.

Marybeth Olson (91 games): 133 hits (.473 batting average), 18 HRs, 17 doubles, 104 runs, 79 RBIs.

Julia Bock (79 games): 30 hits (.283 batting average), five doubles, 46 runs, 20 RBIs.

The company was then notified on July 14, 2016, by the supplier involved in a US Food and Drug Administration recall of sugar used in multiple production lots, including products those used in FSIS-regulated facilities, resulting in an expanded recall. These items were shipped to distributors and retail locations nationwide.

The products included in the recall were produced between May 31, 2016 and June 22 number and are marked with “EST. No injuries or adverse reactions have been reported as a result of consuming the products, according to the agency.

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Final word before we start the working group discussions this afternoon.