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The fact that most teenage girls are unaware of the process that pregnancy is, they end up not taking care of themselves and indulging in bad habits such as smoking and drinking to lay the depressed phase off.A teenage girl living with parents may find it even more difficult to cope with pregnancy for she will be drawn by the guilt of having let her parents down.Social media is the driver behind that connection, helping put us back in touch with old friends and maintain relationships with loved ones on the other side of the world or just down the road.It’s about sharing and broadcasting your life online, conversing with friends and strangers, but crucially in an always on and always connected manner.Besides, most families are aversive to the idea of teenage pregnancy and instead of supporting the child, end up throwing unfriendly and disturbing remarks.This makes the pregnant teenager experience hostility from her parents or family members and make her feel as if she is far away from being taken care of.The internet has in effect become such an ingrained and important part of our everyday lives that it’s having a very tangible detrimental effect on our well being.

Traumatizing events can take a serious emotional toll on those involved, even if the event did not cause physical damage.

The most powerful determinants are the level and intensity of the conflict between parents, and whether the conflict is resolved.

This is true no matter whether parents are married or divorced.

The most powerful action divorcing parents can take to protect their children is to pledge not to expose them to adult arguments.

In fact, here's an exercise to bring this important concept home.

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  2. Everyone has conflicts taking the time to better understand the styles might help the relationship For those who take their participation in relationships seriously, you don't have to have a masters in psychology but having a firmer command of the psychology of how the mind works when involved with others can make the difference of successful interactions with family, friends and professional associates or living a life of unresolved conflicts with those around them.