Eric stein still dating jessica

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Eric stein still dating jessica

Some of Eric's tasks were controversial and often put Eric at risk of eviction.For example, when Eric won the Power of Veto he wished to used it to backdoor one of the Donato's.With two of the show's showmances sitting in the audience, it looked like Grande was missing his, Zach Rance. "It's hard to watch this because I miss Zach and there is no Zankie in that house.There'll never be another Zankie." Or could there? Eric was the tenth player evicted, placing fifth and becoming the fifth member of the Jury.Eric is best known for his showmance with Jessica Hughbanks, as well as for being the first ever America's Player.

She is a single mother, and often talks of her faith and daughter in the House.After his departure, Amber became close with Jameka.On Day 49, only a day after Dustin's departure, Amber and Jameka were nominated for eviction by Head of Household Daniele.In total, 14 houseguest entered the house on the eight edition of the American reality television series Big Brother, where they are monitored with microphones and cameras 24 hours a day.Each week, one or more of the house guests was evicted by votes from the remaining house guests until only one remained and was crowned the winner.

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