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Construction white cards are required by construction industry workers before entering any construction site. Posted the same day with immediate access to your certificate and white card number. - Speak with our Australian trainers with real trade experience.

Workers are required to present their white card to the site supervisor at inductions or prior to entering the construction site. Our construction white card course comprises of 5 distinct parts.

The goal of the Part 1 to Part 4 is to ensure that you have the knowledge required for CPCCOHS1001A - Work safely in the construction industry Part 5 gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your communication skills, and to apply the knowledge that you acquired in the earlier parts of the white card course.

If you have access to a webcam you can complete Part 5 simply by recording your responses but if you don't you can discuss them over the phone with a trainer. If the trainer requires you to re-do any part, you can re-record the part and re-submit it for at your leisure.

You will have immediate access to your Statement of Attainment and Tax Invoice once payment has been processed by Inscope Training.

The consequences can range from embarrassment to humiliation and in extreme cases, have resulted in self-harm of even victims taking their own lives.

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You can preview how others will see you, what’s around you or behind you, and ensure that others see only what you want them to see before you share your webcam. If you are on a Windows tablet, you may switch camera views from the front to the back view (and vice versa) with these radio buttons. To start sharing, click the Webcam button at the top of the Control Panel.

Applies to desktop app only; also see Web App instructions 1. Once you share your webcam, a green highlight will appear around the image.

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If you don't have a webcam you are able to complete the statutory declaration course which requires extra paperwork to be completed You can complete all aspects of the white card course without paying.

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