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Winston told White he knew the names of two more witnesses.Winston said he would call a relative using another inmate's telephone identification number and have the relative text White their names, the documents said.The complaint says Carthen had been visiting the woman "to discuss Cunningham's case and advise (the woman) not to attend court -- and to leave town." The victim told investigators that "Cunningham knew her family lived in Mississippi and that Carthen told (the woman) that she knew where (the woman's) family was in Mississippi." Additionally, the complaint says the woman told police "Carthen was a principal at Washington High School in the MPS system." Carthen allegedly told the woman "she knew people and students around MPS, which caused (the woman) to fear for her children's safety as MPS students." The complaint says the information provided to investigators by the woman corroborates with text messages Carthen received in September.

"This is a true threat to every country in the world. We're going to make sure we put the pressure on them economically, diplomatically, politically and internationally."The Security Council, which has imposed six rounds of sanctions on the North, was expected to discuss further action at Tuesday's meeting.

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee Public Schools PRINCIPAL is in jail -- and the allegations against her have shocked some of her students.

At Washington High School of Information Technology, the principal would often post about how proud she was of students or the school's basketball team.

There is no reason for North Korea to be having these actions outside of the fact they just choose to do so."Haley said Russia is "all wrong."She said North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is "paranoid" and thinks that the U. is trying to promote regime change and that there are people trying to assassinate him.

"We're not trying to do any of those things," she said."It is actually North Korea trying to intimidate the international community," Haley said, "and Russia itself should be concerned because that ballistic missile test was a signal to South Korea for their new elections, it was a signal to Russia in how close it got, it was a signal to Japan being in the region, and it was a signal to us."The U. ambassador said Russia has the same decision to make as the rest of the international community: "You either support North Korea or you don't, but you have to choose.

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