Lee bo young dating

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Lee bo young dating

They are really low key people so rarely have been snapped together, and they have never attended any event as an official couple.

So it was to everyone’s glee that they were spotted at Psy‘s concert last month in Seoul.

in 2005, though in a twist of casting Lee Bo Young played the psycho second female lead who clung onto Ji Sung’s male lead like super glue.

They’ve never denied or admitted dating, but it’s been an open secret for the industry and their fans.

I adore both of them so I’m just so thrilled they’ve managed to make a relationship last what feels like an eternity in the entertainment world, plus look so lovey dovey together still.

According to the Korean media, actress Lee Bo Young was spotted secretly dating Ji Sung inside his car.

Apparently all it took was a little Gangnam Style to lure them out of hiding. I think the reason is probably that they are getting ready to go public, plus they’ve been dating forever so rumors were flying all Summer that Fall wedding preparations were underway.

Both have gently debunked that myth, though they have separately stated in recent interviews about viewing marriage as likely in the near future when the time is right.

I can imagine the life of people leaving in those old times. I've just watched Harvest Villa, i cried a lot compare to your other roles when Seo Rin's secret was discovered by Bok Gyu as a bar girl. i love you unni lee bo young and i hope you can visit my country, indonesia.

The Princess & Seo Dong played great role, seem realistic. her age was 36 years old but i see she still look young and she is very georgeous.

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I’d say 2015 has certainly seen a flurry of unexpected star dating rumors and confirmation to rival the banner year of 2013, all we need is one more A-list couple to top it all off.