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Mariah carey eminem dating 2016

And I don’t consider that dating somebody."The reported feud between Mariah and Eminem continued on for the next seven years.Fast forward to 2009, when Eminem released his album Eminem rapped.Eminem respected Cannon for defending his wife and wished the new couple nothing but the best.Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s messy break-up and divorce has already been dragged out for months.While Nick has been out partying with his new rumored girlfriend Amber Rose – Mariah has been hitting the champagne excessively and showing up late for gigs and botching performances.

For those of you who don’t remember, Eminem crossed paths with Mariah in 2001 and was rumored to be hooking up with the diva.Mariah vehemently denied the rumors – which only infuriated the unpredictable rapper so he played her embarrassing voicemails live on stage at one of his concerts to prove that he had been sleeping with her.Mariah became the butt of many jokes in his songs, and even caused a public war of words between Eminem and Nick Cannon.I got fearless tattooed all over my body in a sense where I’ve never been scared of another individual. He and I have interesting conversations from time to time.” From Cannon’s point of view, he did what any man would have done in his situation.“The way the Eminem thing started was that I never had an issue with him,” he said.

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Since Nick confirmed on social media that he and the singer had called it quits – the once happily married couple have been bickering over everything from their dogs to their twins Moroccan and Monroe.

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