Nfl cheerleaders dating sites

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Nfl cheerleaders dating sites

Former NBA player Jimmer Fredette was a huge star on the basketball team while enrolled at Brigham Young University from 2007 to 2011.

While there, he began dating BYU cheerleader Whitney Wonnacott.

She says she spent over 300 hours performing, practicing and attending events--she missed one game for a funeral and wasn’t paid. The Oakland Raiderettes, for example, got to purchase their calendars at cost.

The minimum wage in Ohio is .85, but Brenneman’s pay equates to less than .85 an hour. And unfortunately for the Oakland Raiders cheerleaders who brought the complaint, the Raiderettes, the U. Department of Labor announced in March that it had closed its investigation of the case, concluding that the Raiders are exempt from paying their cheerleaders minimum wage, since they are considered “seasonal amusement.” The suit may go to private arbitration. Beyond the surprisingly low pay for a job in this very profitable industry, these women say they are subjected to treatment and demands that are unfair and degrading. All the women have highly specific and sometimes costly physical standards they must maintain, which includes mandatory trips to nail and hair salons.

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As TIME reported in February, cheerleaders for the Cincinnati Bengals and Oakland Raiders have filed similar suits for poor pay and demeaning treatment.

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