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Polyamory dating boston

“Endless Poly Summer [in August 2014] went so well, we're planning a whole year of poly retreats!

” wrote Michael Rios and Sarah Taub of Network for a New Culture. These events aim to build, over five days, an enduring network of like-minded people who don't fall out of touch as happens after most events. I've gone to their (mostly poly) New Culture Summer Camp for the last six years, and IMO New Culture's practices for developing community and interpersonal skills are ideal for this.

To the degree that we can help them be comfortable with this, then they will treat it as normal.

That's the theory, anyway," says Alan Wexelblat who has two kids with wife Michelle (pictured), and a girlfriend.

After getting tired of being alone, I decided to get back into the dating scene, though not really knowing what I wanted.

I'm past the "making a family" stage, so I was torn between just wanting a girlfriend(s) and wanting, once again, that feeling of having a close relationship with one woman.

The basic plan is to combine workshops with plenty of opportunities for relaxing and socialising.

"If you can start creating overlapping tribes all over the place, you can have a very strong social impact." From the website: “Here is where you can meet other poly people at a deeper level, learn the skills needed to handle your relationships, and become a part of a supportive network of people who share your relationship values....

Eventually, I met a wonderful, free-spirited woman. But her past lifestyle experience is vastly different from mine.

She left an abusive husband five years ago and began a polyamorous lifestyle with "friends." We've dated steadily since our first meeting three months ago. I am not judgmental in any way, nor am I ever jealous.

And it does sound like these people are friends, by the way (as far as I know).

Sure, she was sleeping with them, but there was emotional intimacy too.

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Although 31-year-old Ball Square resident Kate Estrop plans to go out to dinner for Valentines Day, her evening wont look like the couples tradition you might expect.

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