Sccm state messages not updating

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Sccm state messages not updating

The deployment of this task sequence to a specific collection is what we’ll use to get the status messages. If there were any messages found after the time and date you selected, they will be shown in the Status Message Viewer window.When we’re going to create the Status Message Query, we need to know the Deployment ID of the actual deployment that we’ll show all the status messages from. As you can see below, status messages from an earlier deployment of my Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64 – Install task sequence are shown.Trace32 comes with the SMS Toolkit 2 (for reference) – id=36213 Additionally, with SCCM 2012 R2/Windows PE 5, is built into the boot wim’s by default at You get the point.There are bucketloads of logs to check in SCCM – and knowing which one is the right one simply takes time and experience.However, that’s where google – and possible the list below of all log files, will be able to help you.A complete list of log files can be found at, for ease, I have dumped them into a single table – available below.This way we’ll get a Config Mgr real-time experience overview about how our deployments are progressing.I know that there are other methods out there on how to monitor Operating System deployment, but this method is something I’ve become really found with over the years.

After the discovery as shown above it was evident our issue here was that the messages were not processing. This is what I did: Note: In your environment, you may need to remove more than one state message.

Status Message Queries are perhaps not the most explored and used feature of Config Mgr 2012, but it’s a great way to get information about what’s happening in your environment.

By using Status Message Queries, you could collect all messages generated by a specific deployment of a task sequence and present them in a single window.

: sp_Ins Content Distribution Status SMS_STATUS_MANAGER 2/19/2016 AM 4648 (0x1228) exec sp_Ins Content Distribution Status N'', N'RTM00405', 0, 72057594038182832, 2361, '02/18/2016 .240', N'\\dfs\Packages\Microsoft\Updates\Windows 7 Server 2008 R2 Office 2010 Patch Tuesday Updates 2015289d79-38a1-44a3-a2a7-5f54febcb70b', N'95289d79-38a1-44a3-a2a7-5f54febcb70b', N'95289d79-38a1-44a3-a2a7-5f54febcb70b', N'30', N'69', N''; As I looked through the files containing the problem transactions, I noticed a pattern appear.

Each file contained a stored procedure named “sp_Ins Content Distribution Status”, and each of these stored procedures involved the source path to a Microsoft update in one of my Software Update Deployment Packages.

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x86 OS: C:\Windows\System32\CCM\Logs x64 OS: C:\Windows\Sys WOW64\CCM\Logs Client install logs x86: C:\Windows\System32\CCMSetup Client install logs x64: C:\Windows\Sys WOW64\CCMSetup TS – Windows PE, before HDD format: X:\Windows\Temp\Smstslog TS – Windows PE, after HDD format: X:\Smsts\log TS – Windows, prior to SCCM agent install: C:\_SMSTask Sequence Logs\Smstslog All OS’s: C:\Windows\CCM\Logs Client install logs: C:\Windows\CCMSetup\Logs TS – Windows PE, before HDD format: X:\Windows\Temp\Smstslog TS – Windows PE, after HDD format: X:\Smsts\log TS – Windows, prior to SCCM agent install: C:\_SMSTask Sequence Logs\Smstslog Server Logs: Logs can be opened with any text editor, however utilising the SMS/SCCM tools called Trace32or can help with effectively monitoring these logs.

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