Schema rb not updating cher dating now

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Schema rb not updating

The existing environment might be your local development environment, or a colleague’s. It might be someone to whom you are distributing code.

All these have something in common: they are already using your application with an existing database.

Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) is part of the family of XML markup languages.

It mirrors or extends versions of the widely used Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), the language in which Web pages are formulated.

It might be you, a month from now, when you’ve massively screwed up your existing database and want to drop it and start fresh.

Be certain of one thing: sooner or later, a new environment come along, even if one doesn’t exist right this moment.

To understand the Rails database management plan, you’ll need to keep in mind the needs of two different kinds of people who will be consuming your database changes: those with an existing environment and those setting up a new environment. when I run rake db:reset, the rescue statement in the first line displays: Warning: not procesing table schema_migrations. I guess I am confused why this statement is rescuing this? result.first['id'].to_i 1 : 1 puts "Resetting auto increment ID for # to #" Active Record:: Base.connection.execute("ALTER SEQUENCE #_id_seq RESTART WITH #") end at the bottom of the file, which is meant to handle indexing of the seeds file.But, when I checkout another branch and run rake db:migrate, Ideally the changes made my the migration in the previous branch should be removed from and the details of the new migration should get into This doesn't happen.So, I did a rake db:rollback STEP=5, when I checked out a new branch and then did a db:migrate. ) doesn't exist in branch master (the file with code exists only in branch_1! So you can't rollback DB changes made in branch_1 from branch master.

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Here is the output of rake db:migrate:status Status Migration ID Migration Name -------------------------------------------------- up 20150225041954 Create songs up 20150225042739 Create albums up 20150225043102 Create artists up 20150225043854 Create playlists up 20150225044118 Create users up 20150225044314 Create stations up 20150225061259 Create featured artists up 20150225153938 Add devise to users up 20150225200646 Create reviews up 20150321171830 Stations users up 20150323200255 Add last fm to album up 20150323200432 Add last fm to artist up 20150323200513 Add last fm to song up 20150325052314 Albums stations up 20150325061241 Playlist songs up 20150327172516 Add image url to albums up 20150327172532 Add image url to artists does not apply new changes in migration files.

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