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Her boyfriend has been featured in some of her videos. Edit During her undergraduate studies, Aja Dang was for the Campus Girls USA swimsuit calendar, which was shot in the Virgin Islands in the year of 2008.She participated in clubs like the Hawaiian Club, Hawaiian Ensemble and the speech and debate team. But anyway, long story short, Aja wrote this beautiful, yet tragic, eloquently written blog post about her gained wisdom from the traumatic experience. To sum it up, Aja speaks about how she’s always seen the women in her life as her allies and not competitors. In this segment, Aja tries to explain that she doesn’t want anything negative to come out of her situation and her words.But the way she handled it has made me respect her like no other.

At this point we are presenting you proudly some of the teachers of the past years, which taught already basic foundations or choreographies.

Member of the well known dance group Mos Wanted Crew who has also worked with Young Lions, Millennium Dance Center, Coastal Dance Rage, and Movement Lifestyle.

He appeared on Dance Showdown and Return of the Superstars.

But since writing is a passion of mine, I wanted to get a fresh start. Here, I’d like to have more serious and meaningful content, ideas, thoughts, etc.

As I was thinking of my blog title, I thought of many different possibilities.

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| AM EDT BTS has stolen everyone's attention since their winning at BBMA 2017.

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