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I'm looking for someone who can eat whatever, whenever, as long as it either involves wine and working from laptops, or being in another country. You're Either Supportive as a Provider or as a Partner I don't want someone who feels like they have to prove that they can support me, or feels like they need to prove they can support someone in general by paying for everything.I want someone to show they can not only handle getting lost on a remote island in Central America with no cell phone service, but simultaneously keep an optimistic attitude and concern about my safety all at the same time.You and I sound like we’re similarly built, though I’m a few inches taller. The next issue that sticks out to me is that it sounds like guys are dating you briefly and then moving on to someone to whom they commit. If you’re giving guys the impression that you’re open to something casual but aren’t, or only interested in sex, or otherwise coming off too nonchalant about dating, then they’re going to develop a certain impression. Those are the women guys date for a time and then move on. So your next objective is to decide what it is that you actually want and make sure your behavior is aligned with that goal. It means not serial dating or going out with multiple guys a week.If that happens a lot, or has happened frequently, then that’s something to examine. It requires devoting time and effort to one or two qualified candidates and seeing where things go.Can you help give me a clue on how to be more successful with the ladies?–Dustin Hey there Dustin, This means the moment some other guy dresses better, has more connections, a better time piece or an even more outrageous car, she’s going to lose interest in you and chase the shinier objects.I’m a good-looking guy, so I know my looks are not the problem.

If these Peacocks think so highly of themselves and they give her the time of day, it means SHE must be worth it.I'm not the girl who likes to spend all day texting back and forth. I want to have conversations about religion, social justice issues, and every other big topic that we can think. are worth finding the person who meets all of your needs. I want to find the right person to share my life with. I'm not looking for someone to be a profile picture and a placeholder. I want to become a better version of myself because of this person's presence. I know what I want and I'm not afraid to wait for it.Sure, I like to message occasionally, but I would much rather see you face-to-face. I want someone who cares about me as much when I'm in yoga pants as when I'm dressed up. I need someone who can communicate their feelings instead of playing games. I want to help them to grow into the best version that they can be. Recently, I was chatting with one of my friends about a couple of guys who are probably (definitely) interested in me.She asked me to tell her about them and I began to describe the. Now, having these requirements does not belittle the importance of having feelings.

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Almost seems I’m the girl before they find their ‘forever after’.

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